Echo Magic West

What is Echo Magic?

Echo Magic is defined by that moment in the creative process when the mental focus shifts. Like a sound reflection off a canyon edge, one is able to reflect on the work at hand in new light.

The value of Echo Magic resides with the creative teamwork made possible by a team who understands the backgrounds and styles of the filmmakers. This skillful, yet personable touch as well as the relaxed, productive environment and state­-of-­the-­art technology are at the core of Echo Magic’s mission.

Echo Magic Studios provides an inspiring, creative, retreat ­style audio finishing center in the Ojai Valley. The area is extremely accessible, yet just removed from the busy day­-to-­day hustle of Los Angeles. Technically, the studio is competitive with any major house in Los Angeles or New York.

Commercial music, and score services are offered, as well as a cost effective smaller edit and mix studio B.

Echo Magic continues to provide award winning sound to a solid list of existing clients we have worked with in the past, and will welcome all types of filmmakers, from independents to larger studio productions.

Ojai Valley

Ojai, a word that means “moon” to the native Chumash tribe which once inhabited the valley, is a true Shangri-­La of Southern California. The valley is less than 1.5 hours north of Los Angeles, but feels removed from any sense of hustle and bustle. Ojai is known to many as a zen retreat where great spiritual minds like Krishnamurti resided, as well as a getaway haven to Hollywood’s elite, many of which live in the area. More recently, Ojai has seen a surge of young artists, musicians and filmmakers move to the valley to join a burgeoning community of like-­minded people who are inspired by the beauty, peace and proximity of the valley.